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Job title: Commercial Manager / Contracts Administrator

Contract type: Contract

Percentage: 100%

Salary: EUR 80-120K + bonus

Location: Paris

Reference: 4197

Closing date: ASAP

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Commercial Manager / Contracts Administrator

This division of a global power systems company is responsible for the design, supply, construction, commissioning and handover of Nuclear Power Generation Systems.

The Commercial Manager or Contracts Administrator must have the following:

Fluent French (Written & Spoken)
Experience in the commercial aspects of international Nuclear and/or other Power Generation industries.
Be willing to work as a permanent employee.

Reports To:
Manager, Sales & Marketing, Nuclear Division

Purpose of Job:
To provide contract management services, protecting the company’s commercial position and contractual entitlements and ensuring the completion and hand over of the works to budget, specification and schedule.

Key Areas Summary – Commercial Manager / Contracts Administrator:
Customer Satisfaction and Business Development
Preparation of Contract documents, contractual correspondence and notices
Risk Analysis & management
Review and evaluate tenders & contract documents
Advise on contractual matters, forms of contract and agreements
Manage variations and changes
Preparation, presentation, management & negotiation of claims
Monitor project progress, progress payments and cash flow
Project administration & execution

Key Areas of Job – Commercial Manager / Contracts Administrator:
1:Communication & Relationship with the client and parties for business opportunities.
Establish and maintain good relationships and effective communications with stakeholders to search, chase and create business opportunities.

2:Contract Documents, Contractual Correspondence & Notices
Drafting, negotiating, amending and timely preparation and issue of Contract Documents, Subcontract Documents, Agreements, Terms & Conditions, Contractual Correspondence and Notices as required to effectively protect the company s commercial position and contractual entitlements.
Assist in local sourcing of materials, components and services and in the formulation of suitable agreements as required.

3:Risk Analysis & Risk Management
Identify, assess and minimise the risk of Contractual disputes, Avoidance of any claims and protection of company rights and interests under the Contract.

4:Review & Evaluation of Tenders and Contract Documents
Evaluate tenders received from Subcontractor(s), produce tender reports and make recommendations for selection.
Review content and ensure contracts fully satisfy Company and Client requirements.

5:Advise on Contractual Matters, Forms of Contract and Agreements.
Review Contract documents and correspondence and identify matters of potential claim and dispute. Provide correct interpretation, guidance and advice required to avoid claims, delays and additional costs and to ensure protection of company interests at all times.
Assist in technical and commercial negotiations with Owner, Consultant and Subcontractor(s).

6:Manage Variations and Changes
Implement and maintain system to ensure variation orders, change orders and site instructions are monitored and controlled to protect Company rights and entitlements.

7:Preparation, Presentation, Management and Negotiation of Claims
Establish Claim files, develop/present claims, evaluate claims presented and prepare appropriate counter claims and defence against claims to effectively protect Company’s rights and interests.
Review Contract Documents, correspondence and project data as required to develop, present and support claims.
Ensure effective resolution of claims so as not to disturb progress of works. Assist in the negotiation of final settlement as required.

8:Monitor Project Progress, Progress Payments and Cash Flow
Maintain close control of project progress, interim, change order and final accounts and control of subcontractor payment applications.

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