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Job title: Salgsagent

Contract type: Fast

Percentage: 100%

Location: Norge

Closing date: Snarest

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A new retail concept is coming to Norway

Vakagroup B.V. is an international wholesale trading organization within the Consumer Electronics domain. Vakagroup does offer a pallet of proven successful retail concepts.

One of Vakagroup daughter companies called Green Mouse International B.V. launched one year ago a retail concept which demonstrated exponential growth and profitably over 2017 resulting in welcoming over 2.500 happy and profitable retailers.

Green Mouse has arisen from the annoyance of the fact that many uses and consumables are placed on the market in environmentally polluting packaging, without these packages having any additional value for the consumer.

As of Spring 2018 Green Mouse will officially launch in Norway, we have been using last November welcoming 20 “pilot» customers in Sweden who have been demonstrating exponential results and profits.

The products:

GreenMouse supplies high quality and fully certified mobile accessories such as cables, loaders, headsets, etc. to the retail, which are environmentally-consciously produced and sold to the consumer (See pdf).

Green Mouse is all about Impulse Purchasing with high volumes and margins for our retailers.

It has been proven that our agents very easily convince the target audience that they should include the Green Mouse Service Box within their offering.

The sales agent opportunity:
It has been proven that Green Mouse’s Service Box is an additional and profitable service-offering for:

Supermarkets, small and big like Norma (Germany), Carrefour (Belgium), Albert Heijn and Jumbo (Netherlands).
Gas & Service stations, mostly owned by franchisees, Construction markets like XL-Bygg, KARWEI, Gamma.
Grocery stores, Post, Spiel and Tobacco shops
Hotels, Bungalow Parks, Marina’s and Events.
Green Mouse is searching for 5 Agents spread across Norway, exclusivity does not exist however, we will not appoint two agents per region.

Our certification program will take up to two days. After an interview Vakagroup is committed to invest in the Agent by offering the certification training free of charge.

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